Canning Pot

Canning Pot

If you are in to canning foods such as salsa, pickles, or anything else you may want to invest in a canning pot.  A Canning Pot is an ideal pot designed for canning, yet at the same time you can use a Canning Pot to cook other items in as well.  You can purchase a Canning Pot for a pretty low price.  You can even find a canning pot for around $10 dollars maybe even cheaper, depending on where you seek to purchase your canning pot.  Although, a really nice Canning Potcanning pot can cost around $50 dollars and sometimes a really nice canning pot can cost even more.

Canning Pots

Some of the more efficient canning pots are made from porcelain.  They tend to hold the heat better without burning the cook.   The nicer canning pots can hold up to 7 jars in them and the nice canning pots also have at least a 12 inch canning rack to go with it.  Those canning pots are really nice because they cut back on time by allowing you to can more jars at one time as opposed to some of the other canning pots.

Water Bath Canning Pot

A water bath canning pot is ideal for canning low acidic foods, such as jams, jellies, tomatoes, vegetables, and fruits.  A water bath canning pot is used to boil the water in the canning process to help kill bacteria that may otherwise seep into the jars of food.  If that were to happen you would have a lot of spoiled jars along with the possibility of making those who eat from the jars sick.

Canning Pot Steam Canner

A steam canner is actually the best candidate for canning jars in my opinion.  A steam canner can eliminate the heating process by up to 50% versus a water canner.  The steam canner also, only uses 3 pints of water, which can help out tremendously by saving the individual money on their water bills.

Canning use to be hugely common during the great depression era, because they were able to save the food for longer periods of time without having to worry about the food spoiling.  Plus aside from the longer shelf life the canned foods were also very cheap to make.  Especially if the individuals doing the canning owned a garden, in which they did not have to purchase any of the fruits and or vegetables used in the canning process.  After World War Two, it seemed that more and more people stayed away from the canning projects that once were so frequently done.  Even today, the majority of those who can are typically the older generations.  They are our grandmothers and grandfathers and anyone considered part of the baby boomer generation as well.  However over the last ½ of this past decade our economy has done a complete 180 flip.  We have slowly but surely sunk ourselves into a huge heap of debt and it started with the government and has trickled down to effect every single tax payer and hard working American we have in our country.  With the economy going to “pots” pun intended, we have to make sacrifices and adjust our way of living.  For some people, they tend to not go out to eat as much.  Others may find their one time vacations overseas and out of state as being too costly and therefore resorting to closer vacations within the same state.  Then you have others who at one point or another shopped at the grocery stores and bought in bulk or even bought their groceries at normal and regular stores, and have now resorted to the canning projects.  Regardless of where you use to be a few years ago financially, and where you are today, odds are it isn’t quite the same.  I guess one way to look at is, we are bringing the good stuff back.  I mean how many of us can say we prefer going out to eat over a home cooked meal?  I understand the fact you are waited on may be more appealing the actually do hard labor in the kitchen, but a little hard work is worth it.  Those home cooked meals with homemade tomato sauce is the best and not only does it taste better than any store bought item, it is better for you.  You would really be surprised by how many additives and preservatives store purchased foods come with.  Maybe that is why our country is one of the most obese countries out there.  We are too lazy to take extra time out of our days to prepare a home cooked meal and the meals that take a few minutes to prepare are loaded with horrible ingredients that are definitely affecting our health and our well being.  So remember that, the next time you take a walk down your grocery aisle.

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